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and im not using the mbr and i dont know how to repair grub rsalveti, are you still around? maybe the easiest way is to just reinstall it I'm at my home it will be easier ok thanks I'll try and get a reinstall in I'll give you a shout when I'm on the phone heh, it's now 17:00 on the clock hopefully someone else is on and I'll be back soon yeah, just wait ok RAOF, have you started your day yet? robert_ancell: I've got a few tasks remaining, but they're not time critical. robert_ancell: So, go for it! RAOF, no rush, I was just wondering where your next bug might be I didn't see a mention on your blog robert_ancell: I've got a big thingie to write for a magazine, so I've been putting off the launchpad bugs for the time being. robert_ancell: Oh, blog posts! robert_ancell: I could write that *tonight* if you like :) RAOF, yes! That would be awesome :) Indeed. But I need to finish off this draft first. Once that's done I'll be fairly free for anything, or at least I should be :) I want to see those drafts So you can write one; unless of course you have your own content to put in. Ah, yes. RAOF, what should I be writing about? It should be something that actually hasn't already been written about (or at least something I couldn't find on Google



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